Entry / Foyer

Custom One-Of-A-Kind designs are popular for foyers, including medallions, feature strips, accents and/or borders. Foyers tend to be formal these days. Creating a design statement in this region has most lately be a new wooden flooring trend.

Kitchens/Family rooms

Fundamental essentials most typical spaces for wood floor installation in new construction. The simplicity of care, open layouts, and also the flow of traffic get this to the most popular position for wood flooring. Dark and white-colored/bleached wood flooring don’t fare well in this region due to the high traffic, and the potential of food & water being on the ground. In certain very grainy species, the direction from the wood floor can increase the put on from the product. NOTE: Kitchen wood flooring ought to be screened (gently sanded) and re-coated when needed, say every 6-18 several weeks, with respect to the quantity of traffic and cleaning habits. Make certain the conclusion used is suggested through the manufacturer and/or perhaps is a suitable for that which you have. Good cleaning habits are important a part of maintaining a wood floor, high traffic or otherwise. Clean regularly, and try to wipe food & water splilling immediately.

Formal Living and Dining Rooms

Most frequently a classical formal setting is more dark colored using the mixture of oriental carpets. El born area also frequently receives border inlays, with turning blocks or corner accents to include a Custom-One-of-A-Kind floor. Design factors with this area frequently is going to be suitable for the furnishings getting used. Not matching the precise color however a more dark or lighter color within the same group of the ground color, thus complimenting one another. Recall the more dark the ground, the smaller sized the area can look, and maintenance consideration increases.


Your bathroom that receives daily use wouldn’t fare well with wood flooring, because of ongoing moisture exposure. However a guest bathroom not utilized on a day-to-day basis might be considered. Make certain to make use of area carpets/mats, and try to immediately clean up water.

Home Offices, Bedrooms

Wood Flooring work nicely in bedrooms, frequently with area carpets getting used. Office settings lean toward the standard more dark colors, and bed room really are a 50/50 toss on colors used. NOTE: Moving furniture, chairs, TV stands etc., can harm the finish very rapidly, if used daily. Make certain the ground remains safe and secure and/or even the rollers aren’t metallic or any other damaging materials. Regular maintenance is needed.